"Back" button functionality change

  • 12 March 2023
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So, I have already posted something similar to this under the impression it was a glitch in the Android UI after update 15.1 but would now like to alter from “ranty” status to “requesty” status. Original thread can be seen here...

Now, I firmly believe that this “feature” is a great idea poorly implemented. As someone who views their music library by folder, I can TOTALLY understand the desire to fast-scroll back to the top of a list. What I cannot understand, or even think that people would find at ALL useful is the “back” button performing dual functions. If I press “back”, I want to return to my previous position in the previous list and NOT auto-scroll to the top as well.

Would it be so difficult to implement a toggle in settings that decides what function this button performs instead of deciding for us how we should view our collections? Or, like many other apps that involve a great deal of scrolling, an overlay button that appears once you are away from the top of the list that can just be tapped to return to the top?

Sonos please, for the love of all things OCD, look into changing this maddening UI behaviour or provide me with solid reasoning as to why it makes ANY kind of sense. Preferably the former though!

4 replies

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Hello @Vegeta_UK ,

This thread has been marked as a feature request and will be forwarded to our developers team for consideration.

Your feedback is much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to write this request.

Agree with the OP. The auto scroll to the top isn’t a feature, it’s a flaw.  If I want to search through several albums of the same artist and add songs to the queue, I have to start from the beginning every time.  Super annoying.  Used to work great.  What if I want to go from “F” to “T”?  Now I have to go from “A” to “T” because of the crappy new setup.

+1 for this. It is incredibly frustrating having to scroll back to my original position every time. 

Same here! It feels like a bug. Very annoying.