Auto-switching volume between airplay and TV?

  • 26 February 2023
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Hi, I have an arc that I use for both TV and music via airplay.  I tend to listen to my music much more softly than the TV.  Airplay controls volume by changing the volume of the whole arc, so when I go to watch TV, the arc volume is set very low, and I need to go to the sonos app to make it louder.  Is there a way to make it remember the volume I like to use for the TV, so that it switches to that automatically when I’m using the TV?  So I don’t have to open the sonos app and change it each time I want to watch tv after I’ve used airplay for music?  


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3 replies

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When watching TV, can you not adjust the volume using the TV remote?

I use the TV as a monitor for a PC.  I can adjust the volume of the pc, but only within the range the sonos is already set for.  So if the Sonos is low volume, PC can’t get any louder.  Also, I’m generally looking to have the volume go to a consistent setting without using a remote at all.

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Hi @AssAssin 

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Currently, there is no way to do this, but I have marked this thread as a feature request, so perhaps one day!