Audio from my Laptop to my Sonos system

  • 10 December 2016
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why can't i link my Laptop to my Sonos system to play the audio directly from my laptop to my Sonos speakers when they are on the same network ???

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5 replies

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why can't i link my Laptop to my Sonos system to play the audio directly from my laptop to my Sonos speakers when they are on the same network ???

Hi CsNiNe,

You can use the Sonos app to connect your computer and Sonos system together. From there you can set up a music share on your computer which will allow your Sonos speakers to play music from your computer's collection. The Sonos system can't act as speakers for your computer wirelessly though.

If you have a Sonos uint with a line-in port (PLAY:5, CONNECT, or CONNECT:AMP), you can attach your computer's audio output to the line-in port and use Sonos units as speakers for your computer. Here's a bit more information about line-in.
How can you? I've been through the Sonos app and it doesn't show any options for laptop playback
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Sonos will play valid (ie in a format that it can handle) files that reside on your laptop, PC or Mac.

What Sonos cannot do is play system sounds or sounds through your audio card (ie videos you are watching or listening via apps (Spotify, BBC iPlayer etc).
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You can play music residing on the laptop via the Sonos app. If you are trying to stream what the PC is physically playing (such as youtube) that gets more complicated. Only current method I know is use program streamwhatyouhear to create an internet stream that Sonos can then play (via custom radio link). Now Apple users most likely next year will be getting ability to stream via Airplay2.
I actually just got this to work and I've had Sonos for a couple years or so. I am not sure why it didn't configure automatically but maybe it did for others since they didn't really answer on how to make it work. Perhaps having music on your laptop on your My Music folder or something will allow Sonos to pick it up. Anyway, I just stored some music on a separate drive, and also happen to visit a friend and noticed his contoler could see his PC. So, long story short:

1. In your Sonos app, click Manage from the menu
2. Click Service Settings
3. Click Music Library
4. Click Add
5. Add path to your music

Pretty easy and I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner. On a previous laptop I could right click on a music file and "Sent To" Sonos, but that was definitely a pain. Now I can finally play some cd loud enough to jam with them. (cd's that are already ripped). I will next try to map my 😨 drive and see if I'll be able to just pop in a cd and play it through Sonos. Fingers crossed.

Good luck!