Arc & Sub are playing ... but not showing up in app

  • 12 February 2023
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I have an Arc, Sub and Roam. Currently playing music (streaming connected AppleMusic) on all three … but cannot control / stop / volume any of them, as the app is not loading any of the music services, and in the “settings” tab I only see the Roam. I have tried to “add product”, but the Arc & Sub are not found.

All products and services were showing up earlier. I have signed out and back in and I have reset the app. App version is up to date.

What am I doing wrong?


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4 replies

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Add product would only help if the Arc etc. would be reset. How have you added the Roam? Could it be you have two households? Could you turn off the Roam completely, reset the app ( and start up again?

Thanks @106rallye . I am not sure what you mean by “add product would only help if the Arc would be reset”?

I have reset the app; it made no difference.

You seem to have two threads about the same issue. Likely, you have created two independent systems. As a test, power down ROAM and restart the controller. Do you now see ARC and SUB?


Thanks @buzz. Powering Roam down did not help. I ended up reaching out to Sonos Support (great customer service!) and they advised that I connect Arc via LAN instead of wifi. Seems to be working perfectly fine now.