Arc, Sub and ONE surround sound issues with new LG TV - Spotify issues

  • 20 October 2021
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Arc, Sub and ONE surround sound issues with new LG TV - Spotify issues

Hello.  I recently purchased a new LG OLED TV and SONOS ARC, Sub and 2 ONE rears.   I’m really pleased with the performance, but I'm having some inconsistencies with the surround sound from Spotify.  

When I stream from the App on my iPhone and connect to the SONOS system through Airplay the sound is great and clearly everything is working especially the rear ONEs.  However, when I connect though the Sky Spotify App the sound only appears to be coming through the Arc soundbar and is weak on the rears.  Its better when I connect through the Spotify App on the LG TV (without going through Sky) but its not as strong as the iPhone Spotify App going direct to the SONOS system.  Is there a way I can get full sound through Sky or the TV that is like the quality for the iPhone App?  I think I’ve checked all the settings.  Perhaps going through the TV etc losing the strength or surround element of the SONOS system?




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2 replies

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It’s the difference between the Arc playing audio in music mode vs. TV mode.

In music mode, the audio is streamed directly from the Sonos app or other music apps to your Sonos speakers. If you have the surround settings set to Full, you will get full stereo audio from both the Arc and the pair of Ones.

In TV mode, the audio is sent from the media device (Sky) through your TV and then out of your speakers. The Arc doesn’t know the difference between TV/movie audio and music audio. It takes the stereo audio (from Spotify on the Sky) and performs an audio up-mix of the stereo signal to create a simulated surround sound. This means you’ll hear most audio out of the front channels (Arc), but the rear left and right speakers will play what is determined to be ambient audio. This is why the surround speakers aren’t as strong as they are in music mode. But if you have a 5.1 music source from a Blu-ray disc, the music from the surround speakers will be just as loud as what you hear from the Arc. The only difference is the audio from the surround speakers will be different than the Arc because the music has been mixed with five different discrete channels (5.1) as opposed to two channels (stereo).

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Thanks, I thought that may be the case.