apple music is experencing full outage

Anyone else getting a message on the Sonos App Apple Music is experiencing a full outage? Anyone know what this means?


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Sorry to hear that dm7.

We are in Southwestern Ontario 

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For those that don’t understand why this is an Apple problem, and not a Sonos problem, please read the recent mega-post from @Xander P  about how music services integrate with Sonos.

The reason Apple Music still works using Apple’s own apps is because that is a totally different endpoint to the one that Apple tell Sonos to use. If you don’t know what an endpoint is, think of it as two web addresses: and - the music subarea of the web site is fine, the sonos subarea of the site is broken. Note that both endpoints are on, 100% owned and maintained by them. Sonos have no powers to do anything (except yell at Apple).

So, in the end, sounds like a pretty quick fix. Not days.

Maybe Sonos needs a list of failures for streaming services on their product as well as quickness of the Music Service to respond to Sonos so users can make a more informed decision when choosing a Music Service