Apple Music choppy for first 10 seconds of streaming.


Anyone having issues with streaming Apple Music on Sonos? I have a playerbar;  (2) Sonos ones and a sub. Amazon music plays without any problems only Apple Music. If I play Apple Music directly from my iphone speakers not connected to Sonos it plays fine. I’m not sure what the issue would be.

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I have the same setup and am having the same issue with Apple Music. I was working with someone at Sonos via email but have been unable to correct the issue. My songs also drop out for 10 seconds with about 25 seconds left in the song. 

I have my system setup in a surround system. When I separated them I had no issue with just the Sonos Ones playing. Had the issue when played just through the Playbar. After doing all what they recommended Sonos suggested it was WiFi interference. I disagree because all the other services work with no interference whatsoever. Just Apple Music is affected. 

Mine started about 2 weeks ago when Sonos Radio was added. Curious if this may be the cause. 


Thanks for the reply. I agree it’s something with the surround being enabled. It started for me about a couple of weeks ago as well. You may be on to something with the Sonos radio being added. I even purchased a Sonos boost and the issue is still there.  In the meantime I dropped Apple Music and use tidal now. No issues at all. I like the fact that tidal has exceptional sound quality and lets you stream music in master quality. 

Hopefully Sonos gets this fixed. 

Misery loves company.  While I am not happy you guys are experiencing this too, I am glad to know the typical “it’s just wifi interference” is not the real culprit. I have two playbar/sub/Sonos1 surround systems in my house and they both have the exact same issue. Like Dameion, I too purchased a boost in an effort to alleviate this problem and it didn’t help.   

It is most definitely w/ Apple Music but it has also happens with Pandora (for me).  Amazon music  and SiriusXM seem to work fine.  That list tells me I pay for too many music services….geez. Anyway, this appears to be a SONOS issue and they need to get on it.  

Hello everyone and thank you for reaching out to the Sonos Community.

Sorry for the late response. I would like for each of you to send us a diagnostic and reply back with the confirmation number.


Thank you for the diagnostic number @tbt313 

I would like to let you know that the report came through corrupted which means there some kind of wireless interference that is stopping Sonos from accessing the diagnostic report. Would you be able to reboot your network? That should clear up the connection between Sonos and the network.

Hi David,

I rebooted my network and reran the diagnostic. Please see attached




Thanks for the new diagnostic @tbt313 

I can see that communication seems to be improved with the Sonos system. The only thing of note I see is that the ethernet cable may be faulty so I would recommend replacing the cable that is in the Boost. Aside from that, everything looks fine. If you have any issues then don't hesitate getting in touch with us


really appreciate the continued follow up. I will swap out the cable to ensure all is well.


many thanks


I’ve had the same issues over the past couple of months when playing music on my surround sound from Apple Music or Pandora. However, I was elated to see that Sonos came out with a new S2 controller a couple of days ago. When I updated my app to the S2, songs played on the devices listed above are no longer choppy during the first 10 seconds and don’t stop playing at the end. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing the same issues to download the S2 controller to hopefully resolve the issue. 

Thanks George82. Just tried it and seems to resolve the issue. Thank you for Sharing.




I’m not sure if this has been resolved for everybody who has the problem highlighted above so wanted to share what I’ve found today. I have 4 rooms with Sonos.

Room 1 - Playbar, Sub + 2 Play 1

Room 2 - Play 5 Gen 1 Left & Right plus Sub

Room 3 - Sonos One Left & Right

Room 4 - Connect Amp

I can’t update the above system fully onto the S2 Controller as some of the system components are not compatible so I am using the S1 Controller. Prior to moving to S1 the above system gave me no issues at all on playback. Like the others above I have tried my Amazon and Spotify account in all rooms with playback issues at all. So for me its only with Apple Music and crucially the problem is only in Room 1.

My Apple Music Library consist mostly of uploaded CD’s and some tracks from Apple Music directly. I picked the first 2 CD albums in the library and then skipped skipped through each of the 30 tracks on each album. Rooms 2,3 and 4 play perfectly on all tracks.

Room 1 has choppy playback on the same tracks on each album EVERY time. Tracks 2 and 4 on album 1 and tracks 1, 2 and 10 on album 2. I removed the sub and surrounds from the system and all tracks played perfectly on the Playbar only. As soon as I added either the sub or the surrounds (tried both in turn) then the choppy playback returned on these same 5 tracks only. This was very strange. 

So having recently been reloading some of my CD’s Back into my Library because Apple Music had changed their status during the the recent change Forced on the mac updates from iTunes to Apple Music, I remembered thinking about the difference in an “uploaded” and “Matched” track as shown now in the Apple Music Library. 

Checking on Apple Music library on my Mac I found each of the 5 tracks above which had choppy playback were “matched’ tracks in Apple Music. I checked further tracks through several albums, and found that ANY track designated as “matched” in Apple Music would not play back correctly in room 1, while any track designate as “uploaded” would play correctly.

In addition all of the tracks I play directly from Apple Music also have choppy playback.

I can’t explain why the tracks played correctly with only the Playbar in use but my conclusion Is that Apple, when using their own Apple Music tracks or my tracks which they have “matched” to tracks in their Library are somehow causing the playback problem in my room 1.

Based on the above I can tell you exactly in a library of 20,000+ tracks which ones will play in room 1 and which ones won’t based on the above explanation. 

Problem is I don;t know how to fix it but hoping somebody in SONOS can replicate this at their end and get Apple to fix it.