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  • 23 October 2021
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If I’m streaming Apple music, the Sonos app shows I have just under 10,000 songs. The streaming has been janky in the past and I get tired of Error 1002 when trying to initiate streaming Apple Music with all my songs.  

I have a Mac mini with my Apple Music library downloaded onto it, hoping to avoid the problems that come with streaming Apple Music.  The Sonos app is showing a little less than 8,000 songs in my music library downloaded on the mini.  I’ve fixed all the old DRM protected files so they will play from my mini.  After a bit of sleuthing I discovered that all the songs “missing” from my music library on my mini according to the Sonos app are “Apple Music AAC audio” files. But they are downloaded to the music library on the mini.  So Sonos can’t play Apple Music AAC audio files except through streaming?


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5 replies

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Sonos supports AAC files up to 320 kbps from your music library:


Forgive my ignorance, but does that mean all the “Apple Music AAC audio files” in Apple Music are streaming at a faster rate?  AAC audio files, Matched AAC audio files, Purchased AAC audio files are all accessible from my music library through the Sonos app.

Apple Music streams AAC at 256 kbps; i tunes downloads once music is purchased is in identical format. I do not have any trouble with these when played from my NAS, or from Apple Music when streamed.

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Hi @the other scott 

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You may want to check that the missing AAC files have metadata - if they don’t, they won’t be indexed.

Other that that, I think you may need to get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to examine the files and find out what’s going wrong.

I would suggest to do some manual check on the files where they are actually stored - you can do this on your Mac mini with the Music App that manages your library; select the track that is missing in the Sonos music library and select ‘Get Info’ under the ‘File’ tab you will find at the bottom the location - you can then check in the Sonos App music library if you can find/open that folder and find the file