apple iphone 15 pro will not recognize my beam bar even after an apparent successful integration

Iphno 15 pro will not recognize my  beam bar. Other older iPhones do not have this problem. I have , i thought successfully installed my beam 3 times, only to have the sonos app show no connection. Ihave do e the following 

rebooted my phone , my touter , deleted the sonos app and the reinstalled it, i have tried the sonos one app. I am not going to do a hard start as then i have to configur  everything all ove agai. This happens at home and at our camp. 

my older iphones and ipads  have no problem connecting  same for my wife. 

so what is the deal!!!

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Are you using beta software in the 15? My wife has a 15 Pro and she has no issues connecting to our system.

actually it now works at home, so is my beam too old or need a software update . the other unit is on a different network at a different location