Any physical remote for just "Mute" (maybe "Vol")?

  • 17 February 2023
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I've owned & really enjoyed my SONOS system for over 10 years.  All but one of my SONOS units are S1 and the other is S1/S2, so I control the system via the How many calls have you missed while getting past your phone's lock screen, then to & maximizing the SONOS app, selecting Rooms, then either:  A. Clicking on "Pause All", then clicking on "Yes" OR B. Sliding up on the black section identifying "where/what" is currently playing to reveal the groupie volume level, then click on the Speaker Icon to "Mute" SONOS?](Android) S1 controller.  And I believe SONOS has done a great job of incorporating all the system controls into the phone app.  

However, there is ONE very frequently occurring problem/annoyance that I don't think can be eliminated by any further improvements to the phone app: 

Very quickly muting/stopping/pausing the SONOS "sound" when necessary.  E.g., when a child screams, a spouse demands immediate attention, answering an  incoming phone call, etc. 

[Aside: how many calls have you missed while fumbling to get past your phone's lock screen, then locating & opening/maximizing the SONOS app, selecting the "Rooms" choice, then either:  (a) Clicking on "Pause All", then clicking on "Yes" OR (b) Sliding up on the lower black stripe [identifying "where/what" is currently playing] to reveal the group volume level, then clicking on the Speaker Icon to "Mute" SONOS' sound?]

On these types of occasions when one REALLY needs quiet SONOS "immediately", the steps required to "Mute" SONOS via the phone app necessarily take WAY longer than would just pressing a "Mute" button on a physical remote device near at hand.  

I would LOVE for SONOS to offer a small, inexpensive "physical Remote" with just a "Mute" button (perhaps include a Volume" toggle, but only if that's a really easy "add".  I can't imagine anyone ever feeling a need to have such "immediate access" to any other of SONOS' many other controls/capabilities.]

And I don't think I'd care much whether that button "mutes" the entire system or mutes just a single paired unit (But, I CAN imagine some might, so - OK - ,maybe it could have TWO buttons:  "Mute All" & "Mute Room Only").  

If SONOS made available such an accessory remote, I'd buy one for every room with a SONOS unit. 

However, I'm afraid SONOS just won't ever offer even a "super-limited" physical remote accessory like this. 

So, I guess my real question is:  Is anyone aware of any separate physical remote that will or can be programmed to "Mute" a SONOS unit &/or system?  ["Finger to button", NOT voice control]



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Which phone are you using?

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Not inexpensive, but you could try the IKEA remote. Remember that needs a hub: