Amazon Music Showing Old Speaker Names from a Different Network but not current network

  • 3 November 2022
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Problem:  After resetting and moving to a new residence (and wifi network) Amazon Music shows the old speakers names and not the new one’s


I recently moved from one residence to another.  I factory reset all the speakers and gave them new names on a new network. I am thinking about starting to use Amazon Music and not Spotify.  This is a showstopper!  Spotify and all my other apps show the new speakers properly at the new house.


I just installed Amazon Music on my phone.  I cleared cache and wiped settings for amazon music and the old speaker names still show up.  None of the new names or speakers show that are on my new wifi network. 


How does it know the names of the speakers and old house/network that existed previously?  I have both the S1 and S2 app installed.  


I am thinking I need to wipe cache and data from both the S1 and S2.


2 replies

What app are you seeing the ‘old’ data in. Amazon’s, or Sonos S1 and S2?

I have the same exact problem using Amazon App, NOT Sonos. Sonos can still play music just as fine using Amazon Music Unlimited but when I try to play my music from Amazon App to Sonos speakers, I could only see the old speaker names. I tried resetting cache on my Amazon music app in vain. Please help. Looks like an Amazon problem but who knows. This Amazon app problem is happening on my Android and my iPhone and my PC for that matter. Enjoying to say the least..