Amazon Music Albums and Playlists recommended for me is all indian music.

  • 7 April 2021
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For some reason just recently using the Amazon music service within the Sonos app my Amazon Music Albums and Playlists recommended for me are all indian music, which I have never listened to before ever.


any ideas what’s happened please.


Best answer by Airgetlam 7 April 2021, 18:47

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3 replies

You may want to check with Amazon. All Sonos does is funnel the information from the Amazon servers to your controller, they don’t modify/change it in any way.

Pure speculation here, but I’d also give some consideration to changing your Amazon account’s password, as it makes me think someone else may be using your Amazon account.

Thank you for the quick reply, yes I did change my password straight away.

I have looked into this and only my devices are connected to my Amazon account. 

There is no recommended section on Amazon music, only a playlists for you and albums for you section, and they have a combination of Spanish and Irish related music with a few Indian ones as well.

that’s why I can’t understand why the Sonos app amazon music recommendation section has all Indian albums.

So the issue just seems to relate to what they think i might like to listen to only. Everything I am listening to is correct.


thanks again anyway.




Glad you took those immediate steps.

As I say, Sonos just reaches out to get data from the Amazon server, and doesn’t modify anything along the way. 

Would be fascinated if you’re able to figure out why Amazon thinks Indian music is the right thing for you.