Alarms not working

  • 17 July 2023
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Hi, my alarms stopped working, not even a chime at the allotted time. Diagnostic report 1579373210 submitted. If you could advise what's happened as it's never done this before 

Many thanks



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4 replies

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Hi @ukmartint 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

So I know exactly what I should be looking for, please let me know the time of the alarm, and what room it should have played in. Thanks.

Hi Cory,

Thanks for looking at this. Alarm is 5:25 am and should play in the Master Bedroom.

Many thanks


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Hi @ukmartint 

Okay, that is what I thought you were going to say, but I was puzzled as I didn’t see anything in the logs relating to it, other than the alarm entry itself. I can see you manually start playback at 05:51 though.

Normally, when an alarm fails to go off, it’s due to a local network issue or because a server didn’t respond to the request to play. In your case, however, it seems the speaker did not even attempt to play, or indicate that it “felt” that it should have. There was a loss of network connection 1 minute before the alarm was supposed to go off, but the speaker reconnected quickly, and if the issue were due to this disconnection, there would have been log entries detailing the failed attempt to play.

It seems, therefore, that either the alarm entry got corrupted in some manner (this would have been a purely random event, perhaps due to cosmic rays), or the computer part of your Play:3 got bogged down in a weird crash that resolved itself in time to play at your command later (this seems much less likely).

I can only recommend you unplug the speaker from power (or just switch off at the wall socket) for a moment or two, then, after reapplying power and once the speaker’s light stops flashing white, please erase the existing 05:25 alarm and recreate it from scratch. I would also ask that you do not rely on this alarm completely for a time until you are comfortable to do so once more, but I’d certainly give it a few days with a backup alarm on your phone at least. I also recommend creating an identical temporary alarm for in a few minutes time so you can test functionality before the morning.

Should the Play:3 fail to play any alarm that you set for it, a factory reset may help, but I don’t recommend that you do this frivolously - only if other steps don’t help. If you do reset, you will need to add the unit back on to your system as if it were new.

I hope this helps.


Excellent, thank you very much. I will try all of the above. First time ever it's failed, a the Sonos Chime has taken over before.

Thank you again.