AirPlay cannot connect to Sonos

  • 20 January 2024
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I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max and have no problems using AirPlay on any of our Sonos speakers (we have 4 rooms with systems), but my husband is trying to use his iPhone 15 Pro Max to use AirPlay and receives the error that AirPlay cannot connect to any of the rooms. He can use the Sonos app to play Apple Music, just not AirPlay. 

Any suggestions on what our problem might be?



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6 replies

I have to unplug my era 300 every time I need to use AirPlay, my router it’s only 8’ apart.

very frustrating or use the speaker as a Bluetooth speaker  

After a recent series of updates which included everything Apple (macOS 14.4.1 , TVOS 17.4, iOS 17.4.1) the entire Airplay 2 experience borked.

Not saying it’s the cause, though it correlates perfectly.

I was left in a state where one single Sonos device would connect via Airplay 2 and the other 5 errored out.  

Error message was misleading, though pointed the root of the issue to an Apple Home configuration, which was set up properly with ‘Anyone on the Same Network’, I even opened it up to ‘Everyone’ 

Only fix which absolutely cleared all issues was:

  • Removed all devices from Apple HomeKit
    • Never saw the value of Sonos in that ecosystem anyway 
    • Between Sonos Controller and Direct AirPlay, awesome experience already exists
  • Factory Reset each and every device 
    • Done one at a time, the re-adoption was quick and error free






I'd like to point out that the AIRPLAY connection has been very unstable for a few weeks now. Through Apple Music application, I can no longer connect to the SONOS.


Thanks!  That helped.

I’ve found that the AirPlay 2 signal can be tenuous to initiate. The two things I’ve found useful in getting it to reconnect is a power cycle of both the Sonos speaker, and the generating device. In the past, for me, it was either my iPhone or my iPad, more recently it’s been the Apple TV…and it isn’t just a restart, it is a full shut down, wait a minute, then power it back on. Like on TV sets, restarts aren’t forcing the reload of the OS completely, or reinitialize the electronics properly. Note, this isn’t a common thing (unless your electrician is cutting the circuits frequently…)

On his iPhone, the power down is under settings, general, and at the bottom of the page is shut down. Restarting can be accomplished by a several second button press on the side, or plugging it in to the charger. For the speaker part, just unplug it from the wall for a minute, but make sure when you plug it back in, you give it a couple of minutes to reboot. 

Did you read the ‘answer’ above?