After Update, mp3's won't play.

  • 15 April 2023
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The other night, I updated my system to 15.2.1.  Immediately afterwards, songs that had been playing right beforehand returned the message “Unable to play ‘SONG NAME’ - the song is not encoded correctly.  The source is Apple Music singed onto Sonos, from my Apple Music library, containing all of my songs uploaded through Apple Match.  In every case so far, the songs that error out are songs that I originally ripped from CD years ago.  They are all mp3, sample rate 192 kbps.  Playing them directly from my phone through airplay works fine (but is a major loss of functionality)

Does the new Sonos system not like mp3’s?!  Any ideas other than going through and converting them all to Apple Lossless?



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2 replies

Badge the way, converting to Apple Lossless does fix it.  Ugh.

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I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m an Apple Music subscriber, but also have lots of music in Apple Music that we’re uploaded years ago via iTunes Match. Songs that were uploaded no longer play on my AirPlay-enabled Sonos speakers (though they DO play on my older, non-Airplay Sonos speakers, like the Play:3). And even I’ve added the Apple Music version of the song and try to play that, but I still get the encoded error. 

I see in the forums that others have recently reported that same problem. So something has changed, either on Apple’a side or Sonos’. It is rather frustrating.