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  • 21 November 2022
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I’ve just moved into a house with Sonos Connect Amp that runs on the Sonos 1 app. All seems to work fine but I’ve been trying to listen to a station called Buzz MCR. It isn’t listed on the tunein app so tried adding the URL, but it still didn’t work. I just get silence.

I messaged the radio station and they said download sonos 2 app but that doesn’t connect to the sonos gear that I have.

Can anyone help? Is there another app that might play the URL?


Many Thanks 


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Hi @Carlos1970 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I had to get help on this one - apologies for the delay.

Although I can’t speak for the station’s reasoning, it seems quite likely that they are not supporting the legacy cipher suites that Sonos requires and instead supporting the newer ones that are only compatible with our S2 software. Supporting all of them can get quite expensive, so this would make a lot of sense for a smaller organisation. There’s some info here, but I wouldn’t blame you if you took one glance at it and closed the tab!

If you submit a support diagnostic while playing silence from the URL you provided above, and let me know the number given and which room to look at, I can verify that this is indeed the problem for you. It seems likely though. If you do post a diagnostic number, the spam filter here may mistake it for a phone number and your post might disappear. If this happens, don’t worry - I’ll restore it the next working day.

So, I think the best way to stream that particular station on your S1 Sonos system (if it’s important enough to you that you can) would be to connect a device that can play the station to the Line-In connection of any one of your Sonos devices. I think the cheapest way to do this would be with an Amazon Echo Dot. As mentioned on the station’s Listen page, there is an Alexa skill called “The Buzz Mcr”, so you’d just need to add that and listen. You’ll need a stereo 3.5mm jack to stereo RCA lead to connect the devices, and in case you’re new to Sonos and don’t realise, the Line-In input needn’t be played in the particular Sonos room that it’s physically connected to - the source will be independently available to all rooms.

Or, if you already have a device like an old phone (as long as it has a headphone jack), for example, connect that instead and play via a browser or the station’s app (also on the station’s Listen page).

Unfortunately, most stations have a limit on how long you can listen for (though they’ll let you listen again immediately - the practice keeps down the number of wasteful connections that would eventually swamp a server), so it might not be an option to have a device always playing and you only selecting it as a source when you want to listen.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for all the info.

It all makes sense.