Adding my music library

  • 9 January 2024
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Hi gang, when I get to the point where I have to add my music library (from my synology NAS, I add: 


I add username and password correctly as well. 


The message I then get is: 

Error adding music

Sonos was unable to add the music folder

Please check that the path to the folder, and the username and password if needed are correct.

Reason: Access to the shared folder \\192.168..1.11\Music is denied



Have had this problem for almost a year and don’t know how to correct it. Windows Firewall is open for Sonos also in Windows settings, Power and Sleep is set to never. I use the Sonos controller S1, have got two Gen1 Play 5 speakers. 

Thanks for all your help!

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7 replies

My first guess is that S1 requires SMB1 to be enabled on the NAS, and maybe you haven’t?  Many people believe that enabling it creates a security risk, so I am not going to advise doing so.  (This is outside my competence!)

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Hi John, thanks for your answer. SMB1 is enabled. I am assuming this here is the fix, but I can’t realy do all that, not savvy enough… :(



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am assuming this is right this way?

Hi.  I’m sorry but I really don’t feel qualified to guide you, but there are others on here with a good grasp of these things.

I don’t know if this link is of any use?



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Thanks John, will see if others will chime in! 

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Well….Well, silly. If the sonos app doesn’t work, which it doesn’t without me doing some major stuff I do not understand, I’ll switch to to DS audio, tried it out, works well, and maybe there are alternatives to the sonos controller, that lets you control your sonos speakers, as does DS audio.

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Try this.

Not sure if you can do it but it does mean you don't move the service to a previous version.

If you're unable to do either then I'm afraid you'll be unable to access the music from your NAS in Sonos software.