adding Boost to existing system - but can’t in the new app

  • 21 May 2024
  • 7 replies

Going around in circles trying to add a Boost to an existing system.

Firstly Ive been forced to ‘upgrade’ to the new app in order to add the Boost.  I didn’t want to upgrade given the reports about the new app.

I have given the boost a factory reset as it was bought on ebay.  It showed flashing orange/white while resetting, and is now showing slow flashing green.

In the new app I add component, it finds ‘product’ but after a while says it has lost connection.  You click continue then it says ‘unplug Ethernet cable from your product for this update’ … then done.  And … well nothing.  It’s not showing in my system and it’s still flashing green.

What am I doing wrong?



7 replies

Can no one help?

I am having the exact same issue . Sounds like it’s an issue with the new version of the app 

Same issue here! New app and I can’t find the boost anywhere, not even to add it. Awaiting a callback from Sonos Support

The new app is terrible. I had to reset my wifi. Have play 1 speakers and when I go to find product the app finds the boost product and not my speakers. I do not have the boost product. Hopefully support can figure this out, no music in my house for now :(

Support doesn’t live in these forums, this is a user community. You should call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

Thanks Bruce .... have contacted support... not able to resolve the issue... working on it. Wanted to share my situation to see if others were having issues.

FWIW, I am not having this issue with the BOOST, but it was already part of my system, I’m not trying to add anything.