Adding Apple Music to Android Sonos App

  • 25 April 2022
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Hello, I have recently needed to take my Apple Music App subscription direct with Apple rather than through my telecommunications carrier. I took up a personal membership. Ever since doing this I needed to reauthorize the access through the Sonos App on my Android phone (current Samsung model) as you cannot add in Apple on the PC version of the Sonos Software. But I cannot get it to work. I have looked through the Sonos community advise, reset everything in the system and even reloaded software. Nothing works and I get this error flow.


  1. So to add service and select apple music,
  2. the system goes to load up the previously remembered apple ID asks you to press continue
  3. asks for your password.
  4. you enter your password.
  5. Warning bang Javascript: We’ve run into a problem. Try again. OK.
  6. You click ok and it dumps you back to step 2. 

How can I get this to work?



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Hi @Phil Devlin 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Historically, there was an issue whereby people on Android were unable to add Apple Music, and there was another where people on older versions of Android had similar difficulties. These have since been resolved, and the latter wouldn’t apply here anyway.

As you currently have 2 speakers that are not connected to our cloud, I’m tempted to pin this down to a network problem - unless you have a One and a Play:1 that are powered down, of course.

I recommend you turn off your router for at least 30 seconds, then switch it back on. If you have any WiFi boosters or extenders (not including meshed extenders), please turn them off as these can create problems.

Try adding Apple Music again. If it fails, do you have another phone/tablet you can try from? Failing that, please try rebooting your phone.

If none of this works, please submit a support diagnostic straight after a failed attempt and reply here with the number given. Thanks.

I hope this helps.



i  have the same problem!

i  have the same problem!

I would perhaps follow @Corry P’s advice above and then if relevant, post your diagnostic reference here too, that’s if you are still having difficulty.

You can also contact/chat to Sonos Support Staff via this LINK

I am facing same problem.

I’d follow the instructions that @Corry P already posted above. 

Hello Corry P, 

Over a few weekends I have tried to reset my router, modem and even reset all speakers in my system. However every time I try to add in the Apple Music Service, which I can only do through the Android Sonos App, it does not work.

When I go through the following step.

  1. add music service Apple Music
  2. telling the APP I am already a Apple member
  3. It then tells me it is loading up under my Apple ID
  4. It then allows me to enter my password for the Apple Music
  5. I then get a Java script error and an invitation to try again. (screen capture below)
  6. I do the steps above again and it still does not work. (multiple times)  


       I have run the diagnostic as you asked for and submitted it under 1945410643 

       Please help and Advise. 



Screen Capture of error message