A separate "system" for my iphone and ipad

  • 2 January 2024
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I must be using the wrong terminologies when searching for an answer to this. There are times when I want to use surround sound for movies etc, and there are times when I want to have just stereo for music.  So, I added a separate Sonos account on my ipad.  However, the ipad won’t let me sign in to Sonos with my new user name and pw.  Here is what I get: 

status_code "401 UNAUTHORIZED"
message "authorize flow not properly initiated"


I can’t be the only person wanting to do this. There are lots of questions about similar challenged on this community but I haven’t been able to find an answer as to how to have two separate system settings for 1)surround and 2)hifi stereo.

Background info:

  • Beam Gen 2, Two Era 300’s, Sub mini
  • All in one room (no interest in having music in any other room)
  • Using iphone for Sonos app
  • LG C1 tv
  • Comcast “xfi complete” WiFi 



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4 replies

Your Sonos can only be connected to a single Sonos account, not two. You’d connect with your normal account, and make any changes you want inside of that. 

Note…it isn’t easy to set up a single ‘stereo with Sub’ and a ‘home theater’ setup. While you can switch between the two setups, you’re basically breaking down and resetting up the system each time. It’s tons easier to just use the ‘home theater’ configuration for both, and in the room’s settings, change your surrounds to full, and adjust the balance between your Beam and the now stereo surround speakers. But you’ll be getting stereo out of both the Beam, and the surrounds. 

Thank you Airgetlam.  By “full” I assume you mean “stereo pair”(?)

Ah, yes indeed. ‘Full’ is what it says in the controller app. The other option is called ‘Ambient’.

The effect on your surround speakers while playing music is to make them complete stereo speakers, and not just support speakers for the sound bar. 

Thank you.  Very helpful.