• 10 February 2023
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Over the last 6 - 9 months we have seen this issue intermittently. 

  1. From Sonos Controller search for artist on Spotify (has also happened starting music from Spotify app - we have a paid subscription)
  2. choose artist
  3. select either Artist radio or an album by the artist or top tracks of artist

RESULTS: time bar in Sonos Controller shows the song is playing, but no sound is coming out of speakers. About 8 - 15 seconds (as per the time bar) audio comes out of the speakers at that point in the song. To be clear, there is not a delay in the start of the song, the audio starts 8 - 15 seconds into the song. Example, Bob Dylan’s Hurricane start playing audio at the words “Valentine from the upper hall


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1 reply

That sure sounds (no pun intended) like some sort of wifi interference . Or possibly duplicate IP address concerns, although I think that might express itself in different ways, not just at the beginning. Have you submitted a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and called Sonos Support to discuss it?