YTM displays only 30 shows Podcast. Unable to listen podcasts

Hi, Sonos

still in trouble to find the way to listen my favourites podcasts via my Home Sonos setup.

I have podcasts collection on my Spotify acc, but for some reason, can’t find Podcast section in Sonos app. To address this issue, I’ve created message in Spotify Community portal, but no progress.

Still dont know what is the problem.. Details os here:


As well, my podcasts were hosted by Google Podcasts mobile app. Due to Google decision to close mobile app and migrate podcasts to YTM - all shows I’ve migrate to YTM. Using mechanism provided by Google.

Hoped it resolve my problem and I’ll be able to listem podcasts via Sonos. Finally.

No way ((

Sonos app, select YTM, select Library, select Podcast - it display ONLY 30 shows, even not episodes, as mentioned in some topic here. But 30 shows. WHY? I’ve subscribed to far more than 30 shows! What the issue here?

Even New Episodes folder, where all new episodes should be automatically added - this folder is totally empty on my Android and iOS devices..  

Using web browser and login into my account YTM - all podcasts are available and New Episodes folder is full with newest episodes.


Do you have some roadmap to fix this issue?


Please, fix this issue. 

Let me know if you need additional assist/information


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