Yamaha & Sonos

  • 28 December 2020
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Hi all

Ok so l have 2 competing systems in my home !

Both work well Sonos 1 & Yamaha MusicCast but would be good to just have one system.
My LG Oled is connected to my Yamaha RXA3080 & B & W Centre, ASW sub & 2 x CM5 bookshelf as fronts & 4 in ceiling speakers & rears & atmos.
I am using the Yamaha zone 2 to power myAlfresco speakers as you can see the TV & this ensures no lag in the sound all controlled by the MusicCast app.

I then have 4 Sonos ones & 2 ZP120s powering 2 pairs of ceiling speakers in other rooms all run by The Sonos 1 app.

In the cupboard l have a Sonos connect ZP90 not plugged in doing nothing.

If l plug the connect into the Yamaha amp how should l do that, what connection type & port.

Will that bring the Yamaha & the TV surround speakers & the alfresco set up into the Sonos app?

Will doing this create a wifi lag in the alfresco speakers taking them out of sync with the TV?

with thanks for your expertise in advance.

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1 reply

There is approximately 70ms latency between a SONOS Line-In and output from a player. Any audio input from the YAMAHA system will encounter this latency. There could also be a latency with respect to audio form a SONOS Line-Out when used as input to the Yamaha system.

Another detail is that the YAMAHA may not mirror audio from a digital source, such as an HDMI input, to the YAMAHA’s analog stereo outputs. I think that a 3080 will provide this service, but you should check this. (most older and lower end models do not provide this service)

Finally, sound is pokey, traveling at about one foot per millisecond. Even if the speakers are time aligned, the more distant speaker will seem delayed relative to a nearby speaker. This is a big headache for large concert venues as delayed sound directly from the stage collides with amplified audio from nearby speakers because audio travels in the speaker wires near the speed of light. In an attempt to minimize this issue, artificial delays are inserted into the amplified audio path.

When Grouped, all SONOS stereo players will be time aligned. SONOS bars use a slightly different latency and when TV audio is Grouped, the TV audio may not be time aligned with other members of the Group. To some extent this can be adjusted, but at the expense of TV lip sync in the surround room.

I didn’t give an explicit ‘Yes’ or “No’ answer because the significance of these latencies varies between individuals. One individual might be mortified by small delays while another individual will not notice. In your layout, latency will be more significant for the Alfresco location when viewing TV. In audio only rooms where there is no overlapping coverage from other rooms, latency is not an issue.