windows 10 update

I have started having connection problems on my computer. It stop responding and is slow. It works well form I-pad or IPhone.

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Hi Kenny_mc, Welcome to the community!

Could you be a little more specific, is it that your PC has trouble finding Sonos or is it that you have problems playing back from the music library stored on the PC?

Either way could you submit a Diagnostic and reply with the number, Many thanks
It connects without any problems. Once to app is opened it is really slow or it just freezes. I can operated sonos via IPad or IPhone. If I use Spotify it runs without problem. (same computer) I like the sonos system so much more.
I deleted and reloaded the app. no change. I did trouble shooting through app. It works better for a short time.
I submitted a diagnostic 7465109. I really love the Sonos system.
Hi Kenny

Looking at the diagnostic it looks like there are unusually large amount of process's running on the computer, which is most likely slowing things down. If it was me I would probably run a utility to try a clean the computer up a little.

I would perhaps run and install Malware bytes you can download it here then let it do it's thing, restart the computer, then see how it runs and submit another diagnostic.

Hope this help, do let us know how you get on.
I'm still having the same problem. The controller is frozen multiple times a day. Even when it works it's slow.
I use trend micro security. I have run multiple scans with Trend and the malware software you recommended.
But you didn't submit another diagnostic, as he asked you to?
I have sent two diagnostic. Its working a little bit better, but it is always frozen when I return to the computer. Even when the music is still playing. It never used to do that. I will send another diagnostic now.
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Sonos will need the diagnostic number(s)
I just ran another scan. I was hoping the upgrade would help

Thanks for your help
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I just ran another scan. I was hoping the upgrade would help

Thanks for your help

Hi Kenny, sorry for the delay in our reply. We've checked both diagnostic and still see some amount process's working.
Just for a test, would it be possible to create another user on the computer and try the Sonos app?

Let us know how it goes. If the problem continues to fail, we'll create a support ticket and have a Sonos agent have a deeper look into your system.
It is working now. I deleted windows 10 and then reinstalled windows 10. As of now it works great. The only problem I have is my bedroom speakers don't always show up on my IPhone and Ipad, But they show up on my computer.