Who else is going to look for a Sonos alternative if they don't fix the App update soon?

  • 19 June 2024
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Sonos used to be intuitive, user-friendly and integrated well with third party streaming providers like Tidal.  

The latest update not only makes using Sonos complex and EXTREMELY clunky and cumbersome, it no longer allows simple features such as playing Artist Playlists in Tidal. (The very thing I used Sonos for).

I have already started looking at alternatives … Who else is thinking the same way? 

5 replies

I’m holding tight with what I have. Doesn’t make sense to me to sell what I have at a loss but you do you  

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I’m always considering alternatives for my gear—whether it’s my cell phone, camera, computer, TV, or my Sonos audio system. This practice generally makes me appreciate what I already have.  It also makes me more prepared to know what to switch to when I need to, without figuring it out when I’m angry or frustrated.

Unlike many others, I’ve remained on version 16.1, and everything works well. Therefore, I plan to stick with my current setup for the near future.

However, the way Sonos released the recent update and handled the aftermath has shaken my confidence in the company. As a result, I’ve been more seriously investigating alternatives recently.  

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I remained on v16 on Android. Will keep my actual system but definitely not buy anything anymore from sonos 

To not be able to play a mix of a single artist in tidal is a horribly limiting feature. Having to go song by song unless you create a playlist is just such poor design it boogles the mind.

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I’m not replacing most of my speakers.  But my main stereo/TV setup was an Amp with 3rd party speakers and sub.  Just got done replacing the Amp with a different amp and a preamp.  Plugged in a Port from the other room, a raspberry pi running Plexamp, and a Wiim Pro.  Pretty happy with the setup - I love Plexamp.  Can still do whole house audio with the Port and Airpla, but most of the listening is with Plexamp.

Been doing more Airplay with the other speakers.