White Controller Background IS HORRIBLE

  • 5 October 2017
  • 26 replies

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Latest update to controller software background "WHITE" is terrible and there needs to be a customization option to darken it. I do not WANT a flashlight when using the controller.

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26 replies

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Totally agree!
I agree also.
That's the first thing i thought. Looks horrible. Makes it look cheap. Sonos is NOT cheap!! C'mon guys!!
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looks like dog doo. Please fix this.
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I hate it too.... If it ain't broken why fix it??
Let us get the black background again....
And how about the consumption of power with the bright screen.... CO2 footprint ? I say 😃
The white background is really a horror - please fix that asap !
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Agree. Much to bright.

Please make a dark option and allow user to select.
After the last update to version 8.0 the background of the Sonos app changed to white in stead of black as before.
I should like to have back my black background on my Sonos app.
Herewith I ask you to replace the white background to the black background, or to have the possibility to change it myself in het menu.
Can you inform the development team about this important issue for me?
Thanks in advantage & kind regards.
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Another vote for 'Back to Black' if such is necessary.
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I find myself using the Spotify app and connected devices more than the Sonos app since the update. Definitely doesn't feel like a step forward. A quick poll of the 12 and 14 yr old on what they think of it; "What's happened to it? It looks rubbish and i can't find what I want to play as easily as before".
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Agree. Like most of the changes, it is a terrible decision
Agree. Horrible for just leaving the app open (like during a party) so bright ...inverting colors is currently what I do but then the album artwork freeks people out.
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So the first update (8.1) - nothing. still only white. i am using my rdp session on my server with the desktop controller, and the color incersion in my phone so i don't get crazy after 2min at night browsing music in the Sonos App.
Luckily we have the Spotify integration. I have stopped using the Sonia app. Will continue only if black theme will be an option.
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I wish that software developers would stop changing things for the sake of change. Sure, add a bright background if you wish, but make it an option, please!
Also the new app is harder to navigate.
Agree, it's absolutely horrendous. Actually this is my first Community post because it was so bad. For a couple of reasons, number one the pure bright white is blinding and in absolute complete waste of battery on a modern phone and number two WTF on not having the option to have a dark theme like it was before let alone default to that. Come on Sonos, seriously?
I joined Sonos Community just to say: PLEASE BRING DARK MODE BACK!!
I agree, both the white background and the new layout is horrible.
The white background is horrible. Allow for the option to bring the black background back please.
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Can't agree more. Please bring back black background, and please also include media library to be browsed with a black background as well -- it's nice to have thought about visual consistency, but please now also consider customers' requests! (see above posts 🙂 )
And also room selection being actually a group setup in the player 'window' is completely counter-intuitive... why having changed the previous 'group' menu option?

But first of all, please add black/dark/whatever-name-you-want UI option.