Where did my Room Settings go?

  • 7 November 2016
  • 3 replies

All of a sudden the room settings option in the settings menu has disappeared from my app. I can no longer do any adjusts to my room audio.

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3 replies

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Oh my ... I'm assuming you signed up for beta and are trying to use settings on iOS device (which has no public bet and thus no settings - as indicated in all beta instructions?
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As Chris suggested, likely you're on beta.

Sonos controllers need to be on the same version as your players, if there's a mismatch you'll be missing some settings. You can check under Settings > About Sonos to see what version everything is running. Are you seeing version 7.0? If so, that's our beta software which doesn't have an iOS version. There are some details about the limited functionality and how to leave the beta here.
Got it, thanks.