Where all all my Shows/Podcasts in the new iOS app?

  • 23 May 2024
  • 2 replies

Hi, all my Shows/Podcasts just show as no longer available in the new iOS app. I presume they came with TuneIn. My TuneIn stations are playing, but perhaps through Sonos stations (not sure how that all works). I tried reauthorizing TuneIn under Podcasts, but it just hangs.


This is not necessarily a Talk Sonos product, so I will repost in the correct spot (now that I know).

Well, I can’t move the post, and I can’t repost in just the regular Controller and Music Services area. So, I’ll leave here.

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2 replies

I was able to reauthorize TuneIn now, but all my Podcasts/Shows still say “No longer available”?


Previously, I would just search on the name of the podcast and add it to my “Shows” for regular listening. Now, no podcasts come up?

Found Pocket Casts is supported by Sonos and went to all the trouble to open an account, identify the podcasts I listen to, and transfer into Sonos only to find that the podcasts don’t play! (nor can I update them from within Sonos; and when I do in Pocket Cast, it does not sync with Sonos).

This is really frustrating + where’s the information on what’s going on with these?