want to avoid updates

  • 28 March 2024
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Long time Sonos user, Play 1’s, Play 5’s. Many years ago had issues, got them sorted out, stayed on S1 when S2 was released. Today when I opened the iOS app, got a “your system hasn’t been updated in 1 year, Sonos will not work until you update the app/system”. The system has been working fine largely because I haven’t installed any updates. Didn’t see anything in the forums, call Sonos Support & was “disconnected” when he was supposedly researching my question.


How do I continue to use my Sonos system and the iOS app without being forced to install any updates ?



3 replies

I have had no such issues in staying on S1; have you inadvertently updated the Sonos S1 app in the iOS device? If so, then you will have to also update all Sonos kit to the corresponding latest S1 version via the app, but doing that should not impact system stability.

Nope, I know the app & speakers have *not* been updated.  Auto updates are off on the iPhone & iPad, and other household members know not to update any Sonos-related items.


A second iOS device works with sonos, but it sounds like a matter of time before the update is forced, unless there is a way to avoid or ignore it. 


“but doing that should not impact system stability.” that is the reason I avoid updates. we all know that updates are hit or miss on whether they will break something, and I’d rather not find out the hard way.



I know that my iOS S1 app sometimes shows that there is an update, but I hit the x next to it and that advice goes away.

I get you on system stability and updates; all I am saying is that S1 updates now are nothing but the occasional security patch and should not break the system as major updates have been known to in the past. Having said that, a S2 update broke some products like older Connect Amps that had the capability to move to S2 and the only working fix found for this so far has been to roll back to S1. The issue it seems was to do with overloading the smaller memory cards in these units. Sonos has still not fixed this issue, and it may even not be fixable in S2.

Because of this I have decided to stay away from even S1 updates and there is no reason for Sonos to force me to update, that I have come across till now.

PS to the above: when I have to change my phone in future, I suspect that the new one will only load with the then current S1 app version. At that time I will have to chance moving my Sonos kit to that latest version, but of S1 not S2, so it should be ok. I hope!