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  • 10 November 2015
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I know this is has been touched on but has anyone figured out how to setup a wall controller of any kind for Sonos? I have Sonos in every room of my house and I thought it would be nice for the guest room to have access to volume controls. My family just uses their phones.

I know the option to use old Android phones has been brought up before but I was looking for something a little more "analog".

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54 replies

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Velcro 😃 I keep it plugged in all the time of a 1amp charger
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Velcro 😃 I keep it plugged in all the time of a 1amp charger

Good plan, I guess the supplied charger is 1amp?

A downside to a Fire unit is that you can't use screen pinning for the Sonos app, will have to figure out an alternative

Tesco outlet has a brand new HD 6 for £40 if anyone else is interested
There are all sorts of wall mount enclosures with power built in. Search on Amazon for "wall mount for Fire HD 6". They have everything from basic brackets that mount on the wall with a power dongle, to fully integrated mounts that must be in-wall wired.
If you're using Insteon for home automation control, you can use Insteon switches and scene controllers to send commands to Sonos speakers.

I've recently done this where I created scenes to start different genre-based stations, stop all music, and adjust the volume. These switches can be installed in place of existing light switches, junction boxes, or with wireless remotes small enough to fit behind a standard wall switch plate for a built-in look.

I might post up some pictures later.