VPN Possibilities

  • 28 July 2017
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I'm planning to create a VPN between my holiday home in USA and my main home in UK. Its really so I can access BBC iplayer and use Wi-Fi calling on my mobile phone. Then I got to thinking what other possibilities this might open up.
If I get a Sonos box or two in USA will I be able to access my music library on my NAS and have access to all my music services on my UK setup?
If its possible is there any way this needs to be configured?

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4 replies

I'm not a matter expert on this, but may I suggest you peruse these threads?
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If you create a site-to-to VPN connection, you should be able to access your SMB share in your network at home and use it as a music library in Sonos. Also the music services will probably work, if they don't have any VPNs filters in place as for a example netflix has it. Controlling Sonos over the Tunnel though won't be possible without a lot tweaks and even the SMB thing will definitely need a bit of configuration, this is not a plug&play setup.
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Thanks for your replies. After posting I was reading some other threads, and in one post good old Ratty mentioned Plex.

So the solution might be to use my NAS as the Plex server, use Plex as a music service on the Sonos at the remote location and job done. Can anyone confirm?

Deezer and Apple Music work worldwide with the UK account for Deezer and the US account for Apple Music, and on multiple devices but not sure about Amazon, so that not a big issue. The main concern is accessing the music library
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Just as an aside, geoblocked music services can usually be accessed by using DNS unblockers (also known as smart DNS services). These are the ones people used to use to access Netflix in other countries, although Netflix has since managed to thwart most of them. I use them to access Slacker outside of North America on Sonos and TV services such as BBC iPlayer and Sling Tv outside of their home countries.