• 19 October 2016
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The lowest volume is to high sometimes. How do I get the volume lower?

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6 replies

Stand further away.
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Lol. My daughter had turned up the tv volume also which made it loud.
Ah, is this the Playbar? There are legitimate gripes about the lowest volume on the play:1 being too loud, the new play:5 has apparently taken things to the opposite extreme, there's now too much adjustability at the bottom end for some people.
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Yes. It is the playbar . I have play 1s as my surround sound with a sub. Usually I can tell if someone turns the tv on too but I couldn't this time. So far I have no complaints after I reset the surround speakers. I said they we're further away from me than they are so they would be louder.
I find this sooooo annoying!

I've emailed support multiple times in the last 18 months since I got a system and I can't believe a firmware update hasn't been pushed out.

I have a Playbar and two Play 1's as surround sound in my tiny studio apartment.

The bottom level IS FAR TOO LOUD!

I don't have incredibly sensitive hearing either, it's ludicrous. The volume curve serious needs addressing so it's much more granular at the lower levels where it matters. Once you get above a certain loudness I doubt people care about the increment, but at lower levels the slightest adjustment can mean a lot.

Please please fix this Sonos!

I often have to resort to turning on only the play 1 in my kitchenette and listening to a more muffled sound at a distance from the other room, so that I have background noise, but nothing loud enough that it's distracting when I'm working. It's not the same though. My 25 year old radio with a mechanical potentiometer volume dial has much better control than my multi thousand pound Sonos system.
Okay, one suggestion I've had from someone is to somehow disable the playbar and sub and only use a single or both Play 1s. (I already turn off the sub in the advanced settings regularly)

This sounds like it could work, but we can't currently split off speakers from an existing room to form a 'Sub-Room' as such. I'd have to delete my existing lounge and re-create is using multiple rooms. Not sure how well that would work.