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  • 16 April 2017
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Does anyone know how to use the VLC Media Player with Sonos?
The player apparently can act as a streaming server but how?
Any ideas would be welcome

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4 replies

You can't use VLC to stream to Sonos. Assuming the music files are on the computer on which you installed VLC, why don't you simply get Sonos to index the files and play them directly in the usual way?
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Thanks for the answer to my question
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Thanks for the answer to my question

It's not the easiest thing but you can:
Install the Sonos software for your computer
In vlc:
Media > Stream > Choose the source (Usually a file)
Click on Stream
New destination, pick HTTP then click add
For the new tab in path insert something that finishes with .mp3 like "/vlc.mp3"
In profile pick mp3 or create your own (the default one is 128Kbps)

Next we need to find your computer IP:
Press win + R
Type cmd
Type ipconfig
There should be something like
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :

Now on the sonos software choose:
Manage > Add radio station
Streaming Url: 8080/vlc.mp3 (replace by your IP)
Name it and play it
The sound should stream on your sonos

Now open another VLC window with the video and adjust it to the sound.
@exa YOU ROCK!! Step by step, a no brainer...