Using speakers from Android phone without Sonos app

  • 13 May 2024
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What are my options for using Sonos speakers without using the Sonos app?

I have an Android phone. I have speakers throughout my house - ones, fives, sub, connect, beam, roam (the only one with BlueTooth). Since the new app “upgrade” I cannot shuffle play my YouTubeMusic library. I can only do that with playlists, which I don’t use much. 95% of my preferred listening is from my library (it’s why I build a library in the first place).

I’ve already been highly upset that the Sonos app only accesses “liked” songs from the YTM library (which means I can only play 10% of my library), but now I can only play one song at a time without a shuffle option. My home stereo has been thrown back to the 1990s where I have to play one song or album at a time like I’m using CDs or vinyl.

I’m hoping there is a way to play from my YTM app on my phone direct to my Sonos speakers?

1 reply

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I’m not a YTM user so I don’t have much specific insight on that but since you’re an Android user, my recommendation would be to just roll back to the old, orange, S2 App.


The app update killed access to my NAS local music file library, got rid of my Sonos playlists, and also could no longer connect to a lot of the internet radio stations. I just rolled back to the 16.1 version yesterday and am back in love with my Sonos. Maybe I’ll revisit the new app after 6 months to see what it’s like. I actually did like the interface.


You can go to apkmirrorDOTcom from your Android’s browser and search for Sonos. You’ll see the 16.1 version there.