using line in with echo dot

  • 24 February 2017
  • 4 replies

is there any way to use the line in feature with the dot so I can still use my speakers for tv? When I connect to the Play5 I can't get tv sound because it bypasses the playbar, making the connected Play5 the default speaker.

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4 replies

I just looked at my Echo Dot. I don't see a line in at all, just a single line out. Do you have a different version?

If, however, you do have a line in on your Dot, you probably should check with Amazon on how to connect a device to it. I'd assume that it would require that you would set your TV to stereo output only, since I would think it's just a simple stereo 3.5mm "headphone style" jack, but since I don't have one, I'm not sure. I know the output on mine is that form factor.

I'll be honest here. I don't quite understand what you're really trying to do. I am assuming you have a Playbar, since you talk about bypassing it, and a Play:5, since you indicate that you want your Dot connected to it. Why don't you just group the two speakers?

A little bit of additional information would go a long way in getting the folks here to be able to help you.
Sorry, I didn't phrase that question very well. The line in is on the Play5. I run my tv through the Sonos but if I run an aux cord from the dot to the Play 5 it requires you to set the Sonos system to "line in" and designate the Play 5 as the speaker the dot communicates with. This overrides the tv signal because that originates with the playbar. I'm thinking maybe the promised software will provide more options. Thanks for the reply, I'm confusing myself with this convoluted explanation.
Ah, what I think you mean is you want a device that you can switch between two cables, coming from the Dot and the TV, and going in to the Play:5. There are such things available. There are other posts here in these boards that I recall someone suggesting what you don't want to do it use a "Y" cable, feeding both inputs at the same time to the Play:5. Perhaps someone will comment.

If you felt strongly about this, I'd recommend an A/B switch device.

But honestly, if you can afford it, for TV use, the Sonos Playbar is the thing, and you could reserve your Play;5 for music.

Conversely, you might wait until Sonos and Amazon release the new software for the Sonos Speakers, which will integrate with the Echo voice command, which is due sometime this year, according to current reports. Then you'd end up with just the TV being connected by the cable, I suspect.
Thanks, I think the last option is the best. I'll wait for the update and go from there