Username/Password saving

  • 5 November 2017
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Please can you get my devices to remember my Username/Password? Since Update 8.1.0 I have to reset the whole system at least twice a day as it is not found by my Android Phone. Tonight play just stopped half way through a track and I couldn't get contact with it at all.
Then. whilst I am obviously stressed I am expected to type stuff into a minute box to access my own system (Which I still can't)
There is actually no need whatsoever for a username/password.
My TV doesn't need one
My Microwave doesn't need one
My heating system doesn't need one
My DVD doesn't need one
My BuRay doesn't need one
My Chromecast doesn't need one
My Android Box doesn't need one
Crikey !! What is ti with you Sonos Bods ?

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