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Not counting prior issues/problems/up-down grades to the apps/equipment in the past.

How many hours of your personal time have you spent trying to play audio/music from your Sonos whole-home-wireless-audio system with the new app?  4hrs + and counting here...


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I've actually spend less time in the app compared to the old one. I used to spend time creating a queue or a playlist, but no more of that with the current Sonos app.

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I lost count days ago…

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Zero for me.

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Zero problem hours for me 👍. Check-out the video (again) that I posted wherein you left a “like”. 😂

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Maybe about 1 so far… but for the most part, just counting down the hours until an app update is made so I can use my system again like I could before. <sigh>

Third day here trying to get Sonos working, it won’t update my music library, but says that it is doing so, after over 24 hours of “updating” I simply turned it off. Of all of the things I have been unhappy with since the advent of all this, Sonos stands head and shoulders above any other problem apps I have used. Sirius, Pandora, work fine, but I can’t listen to any of my own music. I really hare Sonos.

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I lost 3 hours on Saturday when I relocated some speakers in one room and a sub mini and a pair is era 100s stopped working with a Beam.

Other than that I lose 10 to 15 seconds every time I use the App because I have to start it twice for it to find my system.