Unable to Remove Speaker from Rooms List

  • 3 November 2017
  • 3 replies

I upgraded my Sonos Play 1 with a Play One. I wanted to keep the original, so I renamed it "Den". I have now changed my mind and ended up selling the Sonos Play 1. It's been almost a week and I still show the old Sonos Play 1 named "Den" in my rooms list. How do I get rid of it?

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3 replies

I'll admit you've got me confused, but what I'm reading is that you now have a Sonos One that you've kept, and a PLAY: 1 that you got rid of, both showing up under the name Den as separate speakers?

First thing I'd do is reboot my router, and see if it clears out the "missing" speaker from the room. Then, if that doesn't work, try renaming the speaker, which apparently the system thinks is still connected.

Finally, if neither of those work, I'd submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at.
Hello Bruce, my apologies for not being clear in my original post. I am experiencing an issue with my new Play One that I incorrectly assumed was caused by the renaming of the original Play 1. After re-reading my original post, I realized I don't actually have a phantom play 1 still connected to my system. I misread the room name! I am sorry to have wasted your time. Feel free to delete this post.
Laugh. No worries, mistakes are easy, owning up to them more difficult. And I don't have the ability to moderate these boards, I'm just a customer just like you.

But I'm glad it was resolved. Nothing more pesky that lingering issues!