Unable to add music library to Sonos Controller

I used to be able to access my music (all in iTunes) with my Sonos controller; however, it has abruptly stopped working.  When I try to add the folder to my Music Library, I get the error message: "Unable to add the shared folder "\\AMY-PC\Music" to your Music Library (1002)."  I've seen that this is a common error and believe I have followed the steps otherwise laid out (e.g., Kaspersky firewall access).  I'm still receiving the error.  Any ideas?

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Hi Amy, we'll need to check what's going on in a diagnostic report. Can you try sending one and reply her with the confirmation number? Thanks.
Hi Mohammed,

Yes, of course.  My confirmation number is 4718974.

Hi Mohammed - any update on this?
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Hi Mohammed - any update on this?
Sorry about the delay, Amy. Looks like it's timing out when trying to add the library. Please give the firewall a second look. If you find that an exception for Sonos has already been created, try to disable it temporarily (for test purposes) then try adding the library. If the problem persists, refer to the article below:

Guided Assistant: Error 1002
If the link doesn’t direct you to the relevant error message, select: Adding a new music library > Sonos Desktop Controller for PC > Windows PC > Error 1002.

The report is also showing some wireless interference near the BRIDGE. As with any other wireless devices, it's best to keep them apart to avoid that they interfere with each other. This includes the router (which the BRIDGE is wired to via Ethernet cable), cordless phones and other wireless devices you can think of.
Hi Mohammed - any update on this?
Thanks, Mohammed.  I tried all the things you suggested, as it turns out, when I set-up my firewall exception, I had failed to notice that my home network was designated as a public network instead of a local network.  Now that I've fixed that, it's working perfectly.  Not sure how it got changed in the first place, but thanks for helping me find it!  Appreciate all your help.
I have this error also. Should I also send a diagnostics report?

My diagnostics number is: 6952098.
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Hi, Taffyexpat. Welcome to the community. The diagnostics showed that your firewall is preventing Sonos from accessing your music. Please configure this as appropriate and let us know if this does not work.
I had this same error message (unable to add shared folder to your music library (1002)). I tried the firewall steps (twice) and still get the same error. My diagnostic number is 7069287.
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I had this same error message (unable to add shared folder to your music library (1002)). I tried the firewall steps (twice) and still get the same error. My diagnostic number is 7069287.

Hi mchaveas,

It looks like your router is reporting an external IP address for your computer when you try to add the music share. Most of the time rebooting your router and computer will fix this. Please try that then see if you can add the music share.
Hello, I have the same problem. It started a few days ago out of the blue. I checked the firewall and tried reebooting the router, but I still get the same error. Can you help? Thanks.
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Hello, I have the same problem. It started a few days ago out of the blue. I checked the firewall and tried reebooting the router, but I still get the same error. Can you help? Thanks.


I'd be happy to help. Please try playing some music and then send in a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number.
Hi Jeff, thanks for coming back to me. I just submitted diagnostics ref. 7285097. Note that yesterday, after emailing my query, I restarted my machine and Sonos started working! I was soooo happy! But then today... same problem again. Soooo frustrating.
Hi CG67RMTBW, I took a look at the latest diagnostic and once again the router is handing out wrong address information for the Mac. The specific IP address that we’re seeing has been discussed before in the BT forums

One workaround you can try is described here. You can add a static IP address so the router always hands out the same internal IP address to the Mac. This won't ensure the problem is solved, but will improve the chances of Sonos finding the Mac based on the name and IP address.

Either way, you might wish to give your ISP a call to get the router properly reconfigured. Let us know how things turn out.
Hi Nico, thank you very much for your help. I had a hard time following your instructions though, easy as they are. The trouble is that I'm really not an expert and English is not my mother tongue, so I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing.

I had a look at BT forum but I didn't understand anything to be honest. Does it mean that the IP showing on BT Hub/Settings/Advanced settings screen is not the right one? If so, how do I find out what the right one is?

Anyway I followed the workaround described on the second link and clicked on yes/apply to add a static IP address, then I rebooted my Mac. Sonos was not working. I changed it again to a non static IP address but Sonos is not working either.

I can try to call BT. Can you help me suggesting what exactly I should ask them?
Hello, I have a similar issue. I just set up my Play 5 and everything seemed to be working fine except when I tried to upload my iTunes library via the desktop controller. It says that it is indexing for several minutes, but when it's finished, nothing has uploaded. There is also no error message. I've tried all of the trouble shooting suggestions (file sharing on Mac, Firewall, etc.), but nothing seems to work. Please help?

Here is my diagnostic #: 7301028
Similar thing: the Sonos app on my Mac isn't able to read my music collection stored locally. First to the question "Where is the music you'd like to play on Sonos?" I choose "In my Music Folder", then enter my admin password, then get "Sonos was unable to add the music folder - authorization failed". Not much detail. I tried "in another location" and manually specifying my music folder, but same thing.

So I did diagnostics. "Your confirmation number is: 7313520". Hope you can help!
Hi Nico,
just to let you konw that my Play1 has been working ok in the past few days... without me doing anything. Basically it works randomly. I forgot to tell you that when I carried out the workaround to give it a static IP, it couldn't find my music library anymore and it wouldn't let me add a music folder – same as nooshsf.
Can you suggest what exactly I should ask BT, please? Thank you very much.
Hi Guys

Nooshsf ->

Could you submit a Diagnostic within a few minutes of getting the error, i.e. try and add the library, wait for the error and then submit the Diagnostic



I can see the error that caused the music to stop that was playing from the computer, the computer was being associated with a public IP address outside of your network, this results in the Sonos speaker not being able to connect to the computer.

This is caused by BT's "Web address Help" service which is currently running on your internet connection, it was something that BT turned on last year, to "assist" you in using the internet, so when you type in an erroneous web address, rather than the browser giving you a "404 error the website can't be found" the browser is directed to a BT web address page, suggesting sponsored alternative web sites and offering you to search for the web site you were trying to connect to, basically it earns BT money through advertising.

When they turned it on, they opted everyone in by default and you need to manually opt out ( a bit cheeeky).

To do this go to http://preferences.webaddresshelp.bt.com/selfcare/ then click on BT Web address preferences and Opt out, then reboot your router. This will stop you computer getting a public ip address which causes the computer to be in accessible on the local network from other devices.

I hope this makes sense.

Edge17 ->

Welcome to the Community!

The diagnostic indicates that you have 36000 tracks that have been indexed from your itunes library.

To confirm on the music source menu in the sonos application, do you not see "music library" under "Sonos favorites" on the the column on the right hand side ( on the mac)?

Many thanks
Hi Matt - OK, I just did it, and the diagnostic is number 7322639. But I hope you saw that I did it the first time and got number 7313520. I hope you can solve this. Thanks!
Hi Matt,

So the music is showing up on the app on my phone, but it is still not showing up on my Sonos desktop application. When I click on "Music Library," it says "You haven't added any music to your Sonos system yet."

Any advice on what to do next?

Thank you!
I am having this same issue, my music library cannot be updated saying iTunes library is no longer available, not true. I've reset router, rebooted MacBook.... run/submitted diagnostics #7329407 please help

Hi Matt,
just to let you know I managed to opt out BT's Web address help service ans my Play1 is now working ok. I'm so happy :)
Thank you very much for your help!
Ok, I'm now rather upset and frustrated. I can no longer play anything from iTunes, all I get is a message: "An error occurred while adding songs to the Queue (1002)" and then another error that the path to my music no longer exists, which is not true

what is the issue, why does Sonos have to make this so difficult?
From the FAQ about error codes:

Error 1002

Error 1002 occurs when one or more of the Sonos products in your home fails to update properly, and can be resolved by rebooting the product that was unable to update. If you own a Sonos Bridge, start by with powering it off by pulling the power cable out for ten seconds and then powering it back on. Wait for the bridge to reconnect to your system, the LED status light will stop blinking, then try updating again.

If the update still fails, rebooting all of the Sonos products in your home will ensure that the product experiencing the issue gets rebooted, however, we understand this process may be tedious especially if you have numerous Sonos products in your home or they are in difficult to reach locations. If you would prefer to reach out to Customer Care, our technicians will be able to identify the specific product that needs to be rebooted and walk you through the necessary steps over phone or email.

If you own a Sonos Bridge, try unplugging the power cable and waiting 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
Reboot all Sonos products in your home by unplugging the power cable and waiting 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
Once you have rebooted all of your products, ensure they all show up in your Sonos app, and attempt the update again.

Also, can I recommend that you submit a system diagnostic and post the number here? That might help the Sonos folks more adequately respond to your request for assistance.
Well this is really disappointing. 12 days ago Matt at Sonos asked me for diagnostic info, maybe not noticing that I already had. But I sent it again, 10 days ago. Since then I've heard zero back. I would understand if these forums aren't a place to ask Sonos for help, but Matt offered to help and now I've had nothing.

I'll continue to hope that somebody follows up.