Turn off Sonos mesh wifi

  • 12 September 2014
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Hi, All my Sonos nodes are physically networked using cat5e to the same internal network. How can I turn off sonos mesh wifi to reduce RF interference with my other wifi devices? Thanks

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5 replies

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The best way to reduce RF interference between Sonos and your network is to have your own WiFi network and Sonos' wireless network operate on separate channels. Even better would be to use the two end channels  (1 and 11) if possible, to give some distance between them. In theory you could even run your own network with a faster 40MHz wide channel and still not interfere with the Sonos network if you use the end channels.

Also, when all of your Sonos components are wired, the amount of wireless traffic Sonos uses is extremely minimal. It really only amounts to a tiny (a couple of bytes) Spanning Tree packet sent at a regular interval to make sure that each Sonos device is still using the best path possible (in the event one of the wired links were to fail, that device would fail over to using wireless.

If after all this you still decide that you want to disable Sonos' wireless card, I will say that it is possible, but not recommended. It is not supported by Sonos, and could potentially cause problems with future software updates that add or change wireless functionality to Sonos. Not to mention that Sonos could remove the functionality to disable/enable at any time, and if your wireless cards are disabled, you would ONLY be able to use your Sonos devices wired at that point.

A simple search using your favorite search engine is all it takes to find out how to disable the Sonos WiFi card.
Sonosnet is still the best way for a dedicated controller or Android device to communicate with your system so it is a good idea to keep it active even if you don't use it to stream music.
My google search took me here.
Google brought me here too 2 years later...
Was that really so hard to post a link?
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Google brought me here too 2 years later...

Was that really so hard to post a link?

Posting the link is easy. But Sonos do not recommend this course of action so it's likely they will delete the link. They allow the posts to remain that explain how to find it because at least those that do find it have some technical ability whilst the people who can't find it by Googling are the very people who shouldn't be messing with this sort of think.