Truplay on Android

  • 11 January 2017
  • 7 replies

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I really wish SONOS would get on a develop a True Play App for Android. Its very frustrating that there are more Android Phones than Iphones so there really ought to be an app. I read somewhere about the complexities of different versions of android but other developers seem to be able overcome this so why not SONOS. rant over!

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7 replies

When will it come out?
Probably not soon, due to the many reasons that have been discussed in many threads about this feature already.

1) No consistent use of microphones in Android devices
2) Probably not a lot of desire to sell an extra microphone to plug in to all the myriad of Android devices....another piece of hardware to support for a one time use.
3) The supposed ability for most people to borrow an iOS device from an acquaintance, connect it to their Sonos system, and use it for the 3 minute process.

That being said, since Sonos doesn't comment on their roadmap, it is possible that it could be released tomorrow. But I'd bet against that.
Figured that much. At the same time, with the number of Android users, I'd assume there would be some kind of solution. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂
Sure, happy to help (well, respond. Not sure I helped that much!) In the meantime, find a friend with an iOS device. It really is a quick thing to run, and makes varying levels of difference, depending on your setup. Huge difference in my living room, not as huge in my bedroom.
I tried it on the Sonos 1 speakers with my girlfriends phone and it worked just fine. No issues and will do again on the playbar. First world problems when it doesn't work on my android and I have to walk all the way across the house to borrow an iphone 😉
Laugh. I feel your pain!
At the same time, with the number of Android users, I'd assume there would be some kind of solution. )