• 19 January 2016
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Quick question. How do I get TruePlay in m Room Settings menu? I do not have it in display yet I have an updated controller app.

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6 replies

On what controller with what OS version, also what Sonos devices do you own?
Thanks Roeland_1

I'm on the Android Sonos app Version 6.1.1
I own two Play 3 speakers and a Bridge
I juts read a post from Max P on 12 November 2015, 10:43 that the Andriod is not live yet.
"Unfortunately due to the wide variety of devices on the Android platform using different software versions, microphones and ways to process audio we could not ensure a consistent and reliable Trueplay tuning experience thus far.

We will continue to explore the use of Android for Trueplay tuning, but can't confirm that it will be supported in the future."
For now, you have to borrow the applicable i Device. Once Tuning is satisfactorily done, you don't need this again; turning True play on/off/on can then be done from any Android controller.
On the topic of Trueplay, is anyone as frustrated as I am that you can't access this with voiceover? I have no useful vision and, despite questions to the helpdesk, I have not been given assurance that this issue will be resolved.
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As a second class android citizen, I wish that I had known about this before buying my speaker.