Transferring Contents to a New Phone

  • 9 November 2017
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I recently got a new iPhone and it automatically transferred the contents of the old one to the new one. While all of my music transferred, the SONOS app picks up less than half of it now. Should I delete the app and reinstall? Or is there another easier way?

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5 replies

Hi. The app stores next to nothing, it is just a view of the system and a controller for it. I can't think of much that would be easier than deleting the app and reinstalling it so I'd try that next. Make sure you choose to connect to existing system, not set up a new one, when given the choice.

And make sure you check for speaker updates afterwards = in fact maybe do that first as you may have inconsistent software versions, depending on what you mean by half of it being missing.
Thanks much for the reply. I deleted it and reinstalled, and have the same problem. The same music is missing. The odd thing is that all of it appeared in the app on my old iphone. Any other suggestions?
Music stored where? Because it isn't stored in the Sonos app
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Like John B said make sure everything Sonos is up-to-date.

As there are a couple of ways to transfer data from one iPhone to another mainly by letting Apple or your carrier do it for you in-store or by restore from an iCloud back-up. In any event all of your music may be visible on your iPhone but not necessarily to the Sonos App.

Sonos App will only see music that is resident (downloaded) to your phone. The iPhone will show a song that is still in the cloud and you can even play it but what you are doing is streaming the song until you actually download it to your phone. iTunes is not a streaming service like Apple Music which Sonos does support.

You should open iTunes on your phone and check that the missing songs (or more correctly the ones that do not show in the Sonos App) are downloaded to your iPhone. That should correct your issue. Of course if you have already taken the steps I suggested or the issue is not corrected after doing so...then there's something else going on.

Please let us know. Cheers!
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Make sure in the app settings in your phone that Sonos is allowed access to music on that phone