Techno Abuse

  • 9 May 2024
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This sorry saga has all the hallmarks of an 'abusive relationship' including gaslighting, coersive control, mistruths and neglect.   It has to rank pretty high in the list of worst commercial practices ever.  NETFLIX will probably in time make a 6 part documentary out of this. 😁.

Meanwhile, stay courageous as Sonos would want you to be 😁


1 reply

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Yes, gaslighting is exactly the word that comes to mind every time I see that banner on the Sonos webpage: “The Sonos app is redesigned and better than ever. Get the latest update now.”

Not that I would usually even spend much time there anyway, but needs must when desperately trying to find workarounds. I just worry about those poor victims being sucked in by the promises because they haven’t seen the comments about the actual user experience. Talk about false advertising.