Switching Between Plex Managed User Accounts On SOnos

  • 8 May 2023
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So I have Plex setup on a NAS with one Server with 3 Managed accounts, each account has their own playlists. Plex doesn’t allow sharing of playlists between accounts.


When I add the Plex App to Sonos it lets me see all the playlists for the Plex Admin account but there’s no way to switch to any of the other Plex accounts. When using the Plex app on a mobile device you can switch between the different Managed Accounts but that has no impact when using the Plex Sonos app. Any ideas?

1 reply

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Compared to other music services the Plex app seems underdeveloped. You can only ad one account to Sonos, not multiple accounts like with Spotify. Plex could make this possible (and could alss ad the much missed folder view).