Support Windows 8 RT for Surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Devices

This is not a full windows 8 platform but will work new surface tablet and Samsung and others plan to use this OS which is not fully windows 8 compatible. It would be very helpful if sonos would support this as the tablet looks promising.

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I just know the Sonos app will be that good that it will drive both Sonia and Surface sales. Go Sonos go!
+1 on a Windows RT version please. I wouldn't mind a WP8 as well.
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Absolutely! Please bring this on asap!
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I would like to agree. My new Surface RT is *screaming* for it's Sonos controller....
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would it be so hard to just compile an ARM version of the Windows controller as a stopgap for Surface users? That would at least give some headroom for a Modern app to get built and published to the Windows Store.
SONOS doesn't do stopgap. They'd prefer large customer groups to suffer without any functionality whatsoever.
+1 on a Windows RT version. WP8 would be great as well.
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yes! I am a recent windows RT and windows phone 8 convert and very much need this to control my three Sonos the new subwoofer I want to buy!
I want to buy more Sonia kit but holding off for windows 8 RT/phone etc support to improve! Come on Sonos, don't lose your edge!
Really into Surface now. iPad is now the worlds biggest Sonos controller. Please can you hurry this along. Native Win 8 app is badly needed now along with Win Phone 8. Sonos, please don't lose your edge and don't stop me loving your products
Need Surface RT App ASAP
+1 please bring out a sonos app for my Windows Surface and my Windows Phone 8! I have a house full of Sonos and it's completely ghetto to have to use my laptop, or my wife's iPhone to control it (at least with Phonos I can use my phone atm, but you guys should support these platforms properly).
Add me to the list of sonos fans interested in Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8 control app so I can dump my Phones app.
I'm a new sonos user with a nokia 820 and 610 would love a official sonos app as i have a long wait to upgrade my phones.
I run a Windows household and am looking to build a wireless speaker solution. This would seal the deal for me!
I love my Sonos, I love my Surface, Please make my dreams come true.
would it be so hard to just compile an ARM version of the Windows controller as a stopgap for Surface users? That would at least give some headroom for a Modern app to get built and published to the Windows Store.
Please Windows RT - definitely needs a Sonos App
The Windows Phone app probably needs to come first... this is a close second.
I love my Surface RT. I have Windows 8 Desktops and I'm considering Sonos. This would make my decision easy.
PLEASE bring a Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 app out soon! I just recently left Android with the release of Windows 8, Surface RT, and Windows Phone 8. I am absolutely in love with the devices and the new Windows platforms, but I'm now in desperate need of a Sonos app to control my system! Thanks!!
I'm just about to purchase a Sonos system for every room in the house and am also going to buy a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows RT. I emailed Sonos to find out whether they have an app to run Sonos from the Surface and couldn't believe it when told that they don't. I'm therefore definitely going to put the Sonos system on hold until they bring an app out.
Sonos should be on Windows 8 RT, it should be on the Surface because Sonos is for people who choose beauty and functionality over the fadish as are these new Windows 8 tablets. And a Windows Phone 8 app would be great too, my Iphone is going in the trash as soon as my HTC 8X arrives.
could anybody from sonos tell us when we can expect the windows phone 8 app ? I hope this is only a question when.
Need a Windows Phone 8 app ASAP!!
We run a Windows household, so Windows phone and Surface apps are much anticipated. Have been waiting for a Windows phone app for a long time now and have had to resort to a third party app which isn't what we would expect from a Company like Sonos.
Definitely needed... We have 2 Sonos setups (home and work) using PC and iOS controllers at the moment... Switching to Win Phone 8, Win 8 and Surface, so would be great to have Win RT and Win Phone 8 controllers with all the functionality of the iPhone / iPad apps!