Support Windows 8 RT for Surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Devices

This is not a full windows 8 platform but will work new surface tablet and Samsung and others plan to use this OS which is not fully windows 8 compatible. It would be very helpful if sonos would support this as the tablet looks promising.

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+++++1 Badly needed. My new Surface is crying out for a Sonos App
Put me down as wanting and waiting too.
Please do this. Any app written for Windows RT will run on Windows 8. I'm a happy Sonos customer but now that I'm moving all of my PCs to Windows 8, the lack of a native Windows 8 app for Sonos is a problem.
I am mainly and Android user (and past iOS) and have just purchased a Surface tablet. It is early but so far I am very impressed with the hardware and operating system. The only thing missing is support for some of my favorite apps like Sonos. Please strongly consider development! Thanks.
Can't believe it's not there yet...
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would it be so hard to just compile an ARM version of the Windows controller as a stopgap for Surface users? That would at least give some headroom for a Modern app to get built and published to the Windows Store.
When is a Windows 8 application available? Can we be added to a list? I would prefer not to go down the road of some other products where it is promised but a year later no results. So I need to know if continue to invest into Sonos or move on to another platform. I love the Sonos but it needs to work with Windows. That is a given. I think a few issues are DLNA certification and ability to push content from Windows Music to Sonos Players the same way content such as music, video, photos, etc. are pushed from desktop to xbox to tv, etc. Thanks, Gary in San Diego
As as SONOS showroom owner in San Jose, I need this so the four important platforms are addressed, IOS, Android, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The beauty of the SONOS platform is its cross-platform fluidity. The new Microsoft platform is a keeper. It's only a matter of degree as far as its success. Cheers, James
Need a Windows 8, Windows RT app - SOON Thanks
I hope Sonos release an application in the Windows Apps store soon. Also, is there any plan to add support for Microsoft's Xbox music service.
i also need the rt app badly thx
Missing this badly.
Add me to the list. Love my Sonos set up but also love my Surface. Its a pain to have to go to my PC when roaming the house 🙂
In addition to a Sonos app, any plans for them to support the PlayTo functionality?
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Please release a Windows Store Sonos App! Sonos isn't that cool anymore since my Surface arrived!
Yes xbox music service will also be very valuable as I would like to consolidate my streaming services and they seem to be bringing it all together.
Absolutely need this! Remote Desktop to my gaming rig in order to control the Play 5 sat on my desk works fine but is a pain in the a** 🙂 @ryan, regarding compiling the existing app up for the Arm processor, I agree that this would be an acceptable stop gap (IE, the app runs on the desktop, just like the Office apps), but it may not be that simple. My understanding (which may be incorrect so don't shoot me down in flames!) is that only DirectX is supported by the Arm processor, not OpenGL. So we're OK if it's DirectX based or indeed something like .NET / XAML or HTML, Silverlight and so on, but if it's OpenGL then it isn't going to be a simple recompile, check, fix, rinse and repeat. Obviously with no understanding of the underlying source and architecture it's all pure speculation but I'm just trying to raise awarness that things may not be a simple re-compile. Oh, and given the multiple controller's on multiple OS's and architectures, my money's on it being OpenGL!!
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Please please please build/release a Windows RT App, what with having a Windows 7 phone I'm getting very frustrated with Sonos inability to build solutions for these platforms. I was planning on buying more Sonos equipment but it's currently on hold until I see some movement on at least one of these. I'm starting to think about looking to see if there are sensible 'neat' alternatives to Sonos.
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This request is sent from my surface. But i need to go to my laptop or ipad to instrument sonos?? Come on. Apple and android arent the only platforms
I'll resale my iPad to get a Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT. It is time for you guys to start developping a Windows RT application for Sonos because the Surface wave is coming.
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So there are 37 folks (at time of this post) who like this idea, 20+ posts, and it's 'Under Consideration'. What's the tipping point for getting this going?
need this App ASAP please tell Patrick to approve it super soon
I've never see the iOS app (not an Apple fan), but their Windows and Android implementations are superb. It takes time to write software of that quality. Like all the posters on this topic I anxiously await an RT app to run on my new Surface. Based on the envious looks from friends and colleagues I suspect it is the next big thing.
I need this app too. I used to have a Windows phone, and used the Phonos app. But it's not very good, so I moved to Android, just to get a better controller. Turns out I had Android, and I am getting an HTC 8X Windows phone the day it comes out. And I will need a controller for my Sonos system on it!
Come on Sonos. Let's have a Win 8 RT app!