Suggestions for the next release

  • 6 September 2013
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Please consider the following suggestions for the next release: 1.) Add a Search function within the "Queue" to enable us to search for a track, artist, or album without having to scroll up and down to find the song we want to play and without having to re-add the song to the queue, thus creating duplicates. 2.) Related to suggestion #1 above, if we do add a track that's already existing in the Queue, it would be nice if Sonos tells us that it already exists in the queue to prevent duplicates and give us an option to play it now or play it next instead without having to add it to the queue again. 3.) When selecting "Replace Queue" from the drop down list, it would be nice if Sonos reverts back to the old design where it did not automatically start playing the songs in the queue. That's what "Play Now" and "Play Next" are for. Thank you!

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27 replies

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That's neat.
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More granular control over fade in fade out times for sleep and alarm

A knob to select volume levels in the app instead of the bar

Full channel stereo on TV signal in a surround configuration (like it happens for music)