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  • 29 March 2023
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I have a few suggestions regarding search function in the app, and the search engine itself.  Using S2 on current ios devices or windows desktop app, sonos software up to date.

  • current search in music library is “literal” and only works on exact text matches.  Some of my albums/tracks show “piano concerto” and some show “concerto for piano”, and if I input “piano concerto”  only tracks with that in the track text appear.  In itunes, and most other music apps, if I search for “piano concerto”, both show up.
  • when I use the sonos app to search spotify, I can use “piano concerto”, “concerto for piano” or “concerto piano” spotify shows the same results, apparently doing an implict “and”, not simply a literal match.
  • possible addition of boolean search so “and” and “or” can be used, or perhaps , or + operators
  • there is no search from the edit playlist page in the app, where I would most like to perform a search.
  • there doesn’t appear to be a way to search for a combination of artist and track.  For example, “Laura Groves infinite wisdom”  returns nothing.  Nor does “mozart piano sonata”.

I think those would all be worthwhile improvements.  Thank you.


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Hello @thorenj , thank you for the post.

I will drop this here, if you want to have a look: 

This thread has been marked as a feature request and will be forwarded to the relevant teams for consideration.


Thank you for replying.  Unfortunately, I use search mostly from my local library of 4k albums, so the current “new search” doesn’t work on that.  I occasionally use spotify, so it might be useful, but the new search option does not show up on either my windows 10 sonos app, nor on the ipads which I use as controllers.  Don’t know why.

I appreciate you forwarding my thoughts to the development team.


It would be nice if the “sonos community” service could send me an email notification when somebody replies.  Another suggestion :-)