Stream from Sonos app to both Sonos speakers and another bluetooth speaker

  • 11 July 2017
  • 2 replies

I'd like to play music on both a Sonos-1 speaker and another Bose bluetooth speaker, has anyone done it? guess an external app that rips the sonos stream and broadcasts it out via bluetooth would be needed. Any help will be very welcomed...!

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2 replies

Not possible.
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If your Bluetooth speaker has a Line-In connection, you could hook a Connect up to it... but that's a pretty expensive solution, and not wireless. To regain the wireless part though, you might be able to find a Bluetooth transmitter that could be hooked to the Connect, then have a Bluetooth connection to the speaker... but now you're spending even more money.

Just a note though... if you were to do this solution, because of latency inherent in Bluetooth A2DP, your Bluetooth speaker wouldn't likely be in perfect sync with the Sonos speaker.